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Dr. Angelina Dayton

"The VR Lady"

Dr. Angelina Dayton is a virtual reality researcher, user experience designer,

speaker, consultant and trainer.

Her expertise in human computer interaction is based on an anthropological assessment of how best to integrate emerging technology into highly structured, low-resourced environments.

Currently, she is Executive Director at the Virtual World Society, the pre-eminent brain trust and industry authority on XR (and adjacent) technology. With other XR leaders, she helps to magnify the work of partner agencies and steer the global conversation by influencing VR for Good.

Dr. Dayton's current passion projects involve XR curriculum and training in rural communities within Cherokee Nation, Navajo Nation, Pawnee, Shawnee, Citizen Potawatomi Nation and within indigenous communities in Central America.


She has worked with over 50,000 students, parents and educators piloting curated content based on state academic standards and with industry to create an XR-skilled workforce.

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