Dr. Angelina Dayton

The VR Lady

Dr. Angelina Dayton has over 25 years experience in technology and education. She is known as the VR Lady at many schools in Northeast Oklahoma. Angelina is a favorite among schools for professional development and new technology introduction. She can be contracted to introduce virtual reality to students and teachers or help teachers development cutting-edge curriculum that incorporates virtual reality.



The Class

Student attendance increases when students and teachers use new technology like virtual reality in the classroom. Angelina has aligned the Oklahoma Academic Standards with 360 videos and virtual reality technologies to increase test scores and help to increase student interest in learning. Students also benefit from learning new technology that is needed in the workplace. 

List of Trainings

Dr. Dayton is available for teacher training and professional development. She regularly trains teachers on a variety of emerging technology and ensures that teachers have lesson plans that adhere to State Standards at the end of each training. Call for availability and cost.

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